FFC Top 1.5% of Nation out of 4848 Teams


We don't measure our success by rankings but this is a great measurement of the development and accomplishments the U12 boys team have achieved. The core of the team has been together since U9. Their development shined when they got to the big field at U11 and U12. As you can see from the chart, they have sky rocketed from 1000+ ranking to their 1.5% ratio. To top it all off, they have already beaten and tied the top 5 team in Cal South/Region 4 and tied the 2nd team in the Nation. We are in #15 in Cal South out of 299 (5%). Region 4 #29 of 1294 (2%), Nationally #71 of 4848 (1.5%)We are local in the Pomona and Chino area; Freedom is building teams like this for your kids deveopment. Come try us out.