Curt Jensen

President of Freedom FC / Staff Coach

Curt Jensen

Curt Jensen

(909) 465-3419

Current Teams:

Freedom FC G00 Blue
Freedom FC G01 Black

Coaching Experience:

Curt was DOC of Stampede from 2003-2008 Stampede Soccer Club and was very instrumental in the devolvement of the club. When joining Stampede in 2003 the club had 8 teams. When he left, there were 28 teams. Curt created programs to promote youth soccer development including Mini Stampede which several quality players came through. In 2006, he won a State Cup title with his B-13 team. In 2008, Curt created Freedom FC with one G-12 silver team. Five years later, Freedom FC has grown to a 30+ teams in the Club. Curt also took the first G-12 team from Silver to Premier level.

Playing Experience:

Curt started playing soccer at the age of 5 and was a natural. He began his club career at the age of 9. He won several tournaments, including a State title at U-16. He was a four-year Varsity starter in High School and two time captain. At 17, he made Team USA’s U-18 team and was heading for Europe to play for 3 months. Unfortunately, while playing his senior year in high school, suffered a career ending back injury.

Personal Life:

Curt has been married for 20 years and has two sons. His wife, Rei-na, is his biggest supporter. Their two boys have followed in his footsteps playing the game. Their oldest son, Gage, is a tremendous player and has won a youth state title and collegiate state title. Their youngest son, Garrett, is an amazing player and plays for Freedom FC on the U-14 Premier team.

There are two places Curt would want to be…at the lake with his family or on the pitch!