BU10 Rodriguez - Platinum Festival Champions

Through lightning storms, mini tornadoes, and scorching 110 degree heat, the boys of Freedom FC B02 led by Marco Rodriguez with support from Ky Kugler did it again. The first day was only 106 degrees as they beat the first team 4 to 0. While waiting for the second game, lightning appeared over the horizon and they canceled the 2nd game. Solution for making up the missed game was PK’s the next day. The second day was a blistering 110 degrees. They won the PK shootout and took the last game 4 to 2 to get into the Championship. The boys beat the opponent 8 to 1 to win the tournament. Freedom B02 allowed 3 goals and put 16 behind the net in only 3 games. 
Great job boys and this is a great start before the season begins !!!!